Boston Asia Capital (BAC) is an American worldwide private equity group that provides asset-based equity project financing in strategic growth areas throughout the globe.

The BAC Group has strategic involvements in investment banking, investment, wealth and asset management, securities and other various financial services. We strive to connect eastern and western hemisphere business interests by bringing structured financing expertise to emerging markets.

BAC was founded in 2007 and is currently headquartered in Boston Massachusetts with multiple international offices.


Our focus lies in global markets that are at the stage of urbanization acceleration that lead to the greatest wealth creation opportunities. In these areas, we invest in technologies that will create jobs and growth in the cities where we invest. Within these environments we target strategic verticals which include, but are not limited to Infrastructure, Energy and Healthcare.

The firm has developed a successful, proprietary investment strategy based on understanding how global demographic, economic and industry drivers intersect to create the strongest opportunities. We believe our approach and global market knowledge have put us in a position to take advantage of the next global wealth-creation cycle.

As markets shift around the world BAC seeks to invest in disruptive technologies that will build and impact communities. In doing so we develop joint venture partnerships with private equity firms, technology companies, and governments.