We offer the opportunity to learn, develop and make an impact

As a BAC employee, you will work with talented, dedicated and innovative colleagues in a challenging but stimulating environment where learning is constant.

We hire people from different backgrounds, cultures and professions who bring their own diversity and strengths. By respecting and valuing people and their differences, you will gain knowledge, insight and view situations from multiple perspectives.

You will be encouraged to think out of the box, solve complex problems and embrace the learning curve.

Candidates we look for:

  • A strong passion in empowering others
  • Leadership and inspiring capabilities
  • A desire to keep learning and facilitate growth
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and mindset
  • Ability to embrace and drive change

BAC Culture

We believe that if we take care of our employees, they will take care of the company.

We value our people and place them at our highest priority. They define our strength and success. We attract talent from all over the world who come from different academic and professional industries. We strive to inspire, retain and reward performers and to provide the necessary tools to help them reach new heights.

Working at BAC

Diversity, involvement and commitment is imperative to the success BAC

As you work with colleagues who are performance driven in a dynamic environment, you will be exposed to some of the most complex and challenging situations in the globe. Every situation you face and work on will lead to your career development and business acumen.

BAC is a place where respect, loyalty and trust define the way we operate. Here, the experience you gain does much more than advance your career. It gives you a professional and personal accomplishment. As the strengths of our people grow, so does our organisation, our business and our service.