"The firm stays ahead of global market trends in order to optimize returns for our Client Companies and Partners"

Boston Asia Capital is known for consistently positioning companies well ahead of both global and industry-specific trends. The firm allocates considerable energy into maintaining a comprehensive understanding of global economic dynamics and industry trends in order to deliver optimal investment strategies.

The firm seeks to generate positive returns through committing resources into areas that truly make a difference in the opportunities and communities that we invest.

Therefore, the firm limits its engagements to areas where its capital resources, international contacts and industry expertise have the greatest influence.

Project Financing

"Boston Asia Capital specializes in the monetization and development of strategic assets around the world"

The firm is well-suited to work with client companies to develop optimal financing and construction plans for major projects in domestic and international environments.

Our engagement model is to enter into joint venture equity relationships designed to optimize underlying assets, provide financial flexibility and realize success in entrepreneurial opportunities.

In our preferred engagement model, our side of the joint venture provides all capital requirements, complete operational and oversight capabilities and a high rate of return to asset holders. Our joint venture partners provide the initial equity contribution.

Successful delivery of any major project requires great people and partners in every facet of the engagement. At BAC, we take great pride in ensuring success on all ends.